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Healing and Deliverance Ministries

Liberating humanity from all the oppresion of the Devil  



The New generation church registered under Section 21 no.2007/032223/08 with tax reference no. (SARS) 9830/898/14/15 was founded in collaboration with the Mphahlele Tribal Authority and Lepelle Nkumpi Municipality.



The doctors and nurses are visiting the church to see the work that is progressing in caring the people.



To provide support to the needy people, orphans and vulnerable children, HIV/AIDS patients, youth and depressed people in order to promote their well being and independence.



To empower disadvantaged families and people through the establishment of a serving ministry in the church.



Care giving services - Palliative care for sick people and HIV/AIDS patients

Care giving services - Orphans and vulnerable children

Spiritual counseling’s - The needy people

Victim empowerment - Families and depressed women

Provision of medical and other necessities to the disadvantaged



HIV/AIDS Patients

Orphans and vulnerable children

Sick people with chronic deceases



Physically mentally impaired

Neglected and disadvantaged community members

Depressed persons

Child headed families



v To establish a hospice and a comprehensive welfare support system which will take care of the neglected community members who are in need of both physical and spiritual support services.

v To reach people where they are with evangelism, healing and deliverance and community development.

v To render spiritual counseling to the needy people and depressed people and families.

v To render services to the sick people and orphans and vulnerable children.

v To care and serve the needy people, sick people with chronic deceases and HIV/AIDS patients, orphans and vulnerable children and widowers.

v To train OVC,s and youth to be tomorrow’s leaders.



To render spiritual services to the families

To provide food and clothes to orphans and vulnerable children

To improve nutritional status of those malnourished

To improve personal hygiene of those being infected

To alleviated poverty through the provision of meals

To provide rehabilitative health care services



Direlang project as a multipurpose project was established registration number 041-600-NPO

Establishment of income generating projects

Support government OVC’s programs



To build ten thousand sitter auditorium church

To build a hospice

To build an orphanage to improve the accommodation for OVC’s




The purpose of this proposal is to request funding for new generation church.

The funds in question would be primary used to build a ten thousand sitter church to accommodate orphans and sick people who are in need of both physical and spiritual support.




Account Holder’s name: New Generation Church

Name of Bank: First National Bank

Account number: 62168458620

Branch: Lebowakgomo

Branch code: 205-309

Type of account: current account or chequeaccount




The place is overcrowded and there is a need for the building. The Induna and the chief from Mphahlele Tribal Authority visited the church and they extended the yard. There is insufficient funds for building. There are church services every sundy. We are traveling to different places with the ministry for evangelism of healing and deliverances through Tent crusades. Through the traveling of the tent crusades we are reaching more people. The present building was build by the pastor and voluntarily people who were shocked and touched. Different people donated to support the vision for the call of the servant of God. There is a need for clothes and food to provide the orphans and vulnerable children and sick people.


COMPLILED BY :…………………….SIGNATURE :…………………


DATE :…………………………………..CELL NO . 082 698 3158